New Falomo-Ozumba Link Bridge: A Solution or An Addition

Written by  Propertygate Published in Editorial Monday, 17 October 2011 18:40
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The new 150m Falomo-Ozumba link bridge built by the Lekki Concession Company was commissioned on the 5th October, 2011at a cost of N2.5 billion, specifically to reduce the torture of Ikoyi bound traffic crawling through Adeyemo Alakija. Motorists now climb unto the bridge from Ozumba Mbadiwe. In some quarter, the bridge further illuminates the commitment of the Fashola Government towards infrastructural developement within the state, but for others, it has done little to ease the pain. The bridge meant to ease traffic of Falomo bound motorists from Ozumba actually serves its purpose but without creating more problems for Falomo bound motorists from Akin Adesola. A practical case of "robbing Peter to pay Paul". A solution to this may be to adjust the setting of the traffic light on the bridge such that longer time is allocated to the Akin Adesola motorists.



Though that may throw the problem back to Falomo bound motorists. Proper planning where all stakeholders are involved in the planning process and where experts opinio are considered greatly help in ensuring that oversights like that of the streetlight does not re-occur. This example is only a fraction of numerous project oversights that are considered holistically. The lingering log-jam in spite of the bridge is a reminder to the Government that enormous investment needs to be made in the area of transportation infrastructure and management before the populace can really have some relief.

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