Despite everything you’ve heard about the housing market, the residents of these swanky streets aren’t sweating it. That’s because they live on the most expensive residential streets in the world. A recent survey by Wealth-Bulletin places the following five streets at the top of the list.Fifth Avenue in 1918
   The world’s largest roundabout is colloquially called ‘The Savannah’ and it is located in the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.
Rather than use gasoline-guzzling, noisy mowers at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters - the Googleplex -- Google has been known to keep its lawn coiffed with rent-a-goats. Google rents goats from a cool company called California Grazing, which swears it can maneuver a herd of goats through crowded city streets.…
           The Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge has a length of 1,358m with the height of the pylon being 87m from water level. Work began on it in 2009, with a program designed for completion by the end of the year 2012
Saudi Arabia has built the world’s first underwater mosque, 16th May, 2012. A group of divers constructed the aquatic place of worship off the Saudi coast close to the border with Jordan. It is made from plastic pipes filled with sand.
During the 19th century, a father and son architectural partnership, John Shaw, Sr. and John Shaw, Jr., drew up some of the very first designs for semi-detached housing in London. Examples of their work can be seen in Chalk Farm, North London.
Watch video of a bird that sleeps while flying. According to the Arctic Studies Center, albatrosses are sometimes seen asleep on the water, but this makes them easy targets for killer whales and hunters in kayaks. Apparently, most albatrosses sleep while gliding in the air.
   The excavation work to build the world's longest railway tunnel beneath the Swiss Alps is complete.  The high-speed rail link in Switzerland, where passenger trains can travel at a maximum speed of upmto 250 kilometres per hour, will be operational by 2016.
The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest hydropower project.